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missing soul.

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Friday, June 30, 2017

We met again, about two moths before, sending brownies and stuff. We talked, met, walked together until this date, where we confessed our feelings. I really thought I shouldn't do this as I'm in my moving on processes. I'm afraid I didn't know you that well to accept you and... I'm afraid you won't understand me, myself, as only a few people that can really adapted to my behavior.

We fought a lot these days, and the thought of you leaving me are freakin' high. It's not even a month yet. I really hope that you can bear with me, like forever. Sigh, please let this be one of the relationship phase. You know, I really love whenever we walked around together. I'm so happy, like really happy. Whenever you talked, whenever our eyes met, whenever we stop talking because out of topic, it's like a moment to remember. Ah, the butterfly.

I'm bad at writing things consistently so skip to today.
4 months, and still a long way more to go. You're going to Kelantan, which is physically far from me. Physically, because yeah...yea. I'm gonna miss you so bad. There's a lots of things I need to thank you. 
1. Thank you for paying my lunch... every dates.
2. Thank you for drove all the way to the clinics to buy my medicine.
3. Thank you for paying my food(s)(s)(s)
4. Thank you for paying the uber... hehe
5. Thank you for paying the dinner.
6. Thank you for delivering mcd to me and sis.
7. Thank you for delivering mcd to me and my housemates hehe.
8. Thanks for the rose <3
9. Thank you for bear with me...every single time
10. Thank you paying any stuff that i bought.
11. Thank you feeding merah.... :(
12. Thanks for movie dates! (+tickets and pop corn)
13. Thanks for caring.

14. Thanks for staying.
15. Thank you for staying.

Damn i thought that would be sweet. It's creeping me meh. Love you xx

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