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missing soul.

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cast: Yoobin, Lin.


The class are getting noisier after a week since Song Yoobin left them. Except Lin, everyone else seems to have move on from his death.

'It's a day without you again.' She sighed and busied herself by reading notes. Can she just meet him again and confess her feeling? Of course not.

Song Yoobin, the mood-maker of the class, can't survive from the tragic accident. She sighed for the umpteenth time. Her mind seems to be occupied by it.

"Hey, hey. What's with that face?" A very familiar voice greeted her. Song Yoobin, that's the first thing she thought of.

Like it's in her dreamland, Yoobin is sitting right on her table; chuckling softly at her. The voice of him make her instict that this is just a dream become true. He can't be real,

"Song Yoobin." It's supposed to come out as a scream but being too shocked, Lin can only whispered his name. She attempted to touch his cheeks, but it's only passed through him. No, he's not true. She moved a step backward from him; feeling afraid.

Yoobin smiled; hiding the fact how it's hurt seeing the girl infront of him reacted like that. "Atleast you can see me." He whispered silently. Lin can't figure out what he's saying, but she felt a little hint of sadness in his words. "W-why?" Shoot, why she's stuttering!?

Like just been told the funniest joke, he laughed contagiously. He wiped the tears formed. "You're stuttering." He grinned. "Ah, how can I poke your forehead now?"

Lin knitted both of her eyebrows together in confusion. He seems really hurt just now, and he's laughing? Yoobin then chuckled again before poking Lin's forehead; which passed through her. "Stop." She groaned lightly. It's weird to see a hand passing through your forehead on this ordinary day, or so-called, 'dream'.

"Do you know how I much I miss you?" Yoobin suddenly blurted out. Lin startled for a moment before looking away; keep on reminding herself that this is a dream only. She shook her head. Stop heart, don't fell for him, again. "Very much that I might believe I'm still alive."

The words from Yoobin felt like a pang of hurt right on her heart. If this is a dream, she'll settled everything and be with Yoobin; she don't want to wake up and stay like this forever. But, is this a dream?

Lin just about to reply his question when she remembered about something. Even if this is a dream, will Yoobin like her? Obviously not. "You just a dream. You'll gone by the time I woke up."

Oh, she never know how those words hurt him. I'm not a dream, please don't wish me to lose my existance, Lin. If only he can tell her that. If only...

"But I don't care whether this is a dream or not, I want you to know that I really need you. I almost losing my mind from the moment you left me. Please, Yoobin. Please stay." A crystal clear liquids escaped from the girl's eyes. Yoobin quickly hugged her. Yes, he's happy with the sudden confession, but seeing her like this really broke his heart. But he can't stay. 

Lin could feel the warmness of their hugs, but now she can only feel the coldness around her. And she was right, he's gone. 

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