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missing soul.

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy new year, everyone.
Let's not forget the memories from 2015 and move forward-

New Year's resolution(s):
1. Study hard for spm
2. Care about my looks
3. Make everyone happy 
4. Stop causing troubles
5. Think first before anything else
6. Care more about my looks
7. Do care about diet too
8. Can I be taller?
9. Change my personality 
10. Make my parents proud
11. Stop my obsession over korean oppa(s) for a year eventhough it's impossible 
12. Study and homework and assignment
13. Do the best for mock interview
14. Be as active as possible
15. Be a good person
16. No disciplinary cases
17. Enjoy the year
18. Forgot all the past memories
19. Be happy
20. Do what I love

Yes, a big clap for me.
I did mention 'forgot all the past memories', it's just because I don't really like remembering my past. I hope I can woke up from my bed and forgot all those memories.

I've been into these korean thingy for 10 years, so a year without them won't hurt. Study comes first- I need to prove to everyone that I'm not your average-next-door-girl, I'm better (lmao). 

Mom told me to be a doctor. "We need  a doctor in our family." Something between the line. We don't know the future but I don't think I can handle on being a doctor, but I still need to have a good job; that's why I'm very motivated on studying. Software engineering is fine, same goes to forensic psychologist- but I need to think more so I won't regret later.

That's it.
I hope I can forgot the past. 

+ 8:11 AM

Saturday, December 12, 2015

What a random post.

Anyway, I went to Big Bad Wolf- after all the books I bought last year, I still want more. I'll finish them after SPM- I guess.

Anyway, we went to Boat Noodles, Ikon Connaught. (I want to eat Burger King but my sister said she will pay if we eat at boat noodles....nothing is better than free food)

Mom and dad look like they love this place. But dad complained about the noodles' quantity, well dad that's why we ordered three bowls for one.

The rice noodles.
It tasted really good! I really love the taste- real chewy ( <3 ). I actually thought that they're going to serve us noodles like bihun pmsl

Patthumthani (Chicken and Beef)
Both taste the same, the difference is chicken and beef only (obviously). The soup is kind of spicy with a little hint of sweetness. Well, I can't eat spicy things, but this spicy is a kind of spicy that you can eat (what even-). I highly recommend this soup, and I mean it.

Ayutthaya (Chicken)

We ordered one of this to know how this tastes like. First sip, it tasted like herb(s). Then I passed it to mom, and mom said only pregnant mothers should eat this (I don't know whether mom trying to make a joke or she's being serious- maybe I'm not that humorous compare to her?). After tons of "Ew", I took the bowl to eat it. When you eat with the noodles, it tasted sweet and good actually. But still, I highly recommend Patthumthani.

Chicken Wings
RM 4.90 for 3 wings that had been ripped into half (and that make it as 6 yay). If you care about the quantities, or the size, then don't order this. But if you care about the taste, give it a try! It's really delicious, and I'm not even kidding.

Ka Num Tuay

Simple- tastes like Tepung Pelita ha.

Thai Iced Tea

I can't remember the taste- it's something like milk tea, with extra sugar (if extra mean tons).

Thai Green Iced Tea
Is that the name? Anyway, for any green tea lovers out there (me me me), try this! Okay no, let me be honest. This drink taste like seaweed (I kid you not), really. Like those sushi's wrapper- and I'm not even joking. But I do like this drink ( <3 )

That's it, we ordered 3 bowls of noodles per person, and a bowl of herb soup for pregnant mother Ayutthaya, one set of the rest (equal to RM49.40).



+ 3:46 AM

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Enough with those fanfics, now it's showtime.

Nutella in a mug actually is so last year (is it?) but I still would like a post of it. I'd tried making lots of cake in a mug but hell, they were not very good. I mean it is, but once I found this nutella recipe, I swear it tasted like a cake...with hazelnut!

If you like a moist and chewy cake, then this is it! 

It supposed to be 'in a mug' but I used mini cupcake cups- I like sharing with others.

Let's move on to the recipe.

2 tbsp of self-raising flour (bluekey is my first choice)
2 tbsp of sugar
2 tbsp of cocoa powder
1 egg (B)

1 tbsp of olive oil (you may use vegetable oil or something that's oil)
1 tbsp of milk

1 tbsp of nutella (<3)

Yes, as simple like that.

1. Mix everything together. (dont over whisk it; you dont want your cake become chunky)
2. Bake for 2 minutes (depends on your oven- mine is 2 minutes and half)
3. Let it cool before eat it. (or you may taste eggy)
4 Serves it with whipping cream, chocolates, else.

Here is mine- mini cake (<3)

I didn't serve it with anything because I made this mini nutella cake to eat while making cheese tart. Yes, I have problems with pastry. Have fun eating because I had!

+ 2:54 AM

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Cast: I


I blinked as I stared on the white ceiling. We need to gather at the school by now but here I am, refused to move a bit. I don't know whether this is only my feelings or what, but it felt lonelier than before. Yes, I slept alone, but there's the other members who stayed here. And those SPM candidates too. But why does it felt empty?

I decided to shrugged off my feelings and stood up from my bed. It's probably the worst decision because the floor were really cold and I'm about to freeze. I quickly walked to the bathroom to take my morning bath before I changed my mind and skipped the meeting. I turned the turner and waited for the water to flow.

It didn't.

I knitted my eyebrows. This is getting weirder. Forget my morning bath, I'm going out to the meeting now.

I stepped out from my district and wore my black converse. I fixed my grey shirt before calling the others. No one answered. "They left already I guess." I mumbled the words and fasten up my pace to the school.

There's no one in the cover walk. No cars in the roads, no kids running around, no students walking to the Kak Wan's restaurant, no cats or kittens seen. Nothing. 

It's either I'm too early, or I'm too late. Well, I'm choosing the second reasons because it's already 9.23 a.m.

I did noticed that there's no words on each of the board that I passed by. Maybe they are going to renovate these boards? I nodded at my own statement and continued my walk to the school.

Oh, that 'Dewan Seri Lanang' were gone too. Seriously. They should've tear the building down and build another one.

I moved to SR's room and unlocked the door; expecting to see those angry faces that'll scolded me. But there's no one. Where in the world are they?

I sighed harshly and ran to the teachers' department. Before I can arrived there, I stopped myself at the foyer. There's no car parked on the volleyball court. Weird. Really weird.

Just then, a strong headache hit me. My visions starting to become blurry. I squatted down and groaned in pain. It's really hurt, I swear. I felt like my memories had been absorbed little by little. The pain were slowly decreasing and my sight were getting better. When I looked in front of me, I only saw an empty court. It's seems so familiar but I can't remember this place.

I walked along the path beside me and saw a big cage. I came closer to the cage; expecting to find at least a rabbit, but there's nothing found. Why is this place so familiar?

I can't find anything here so I moved myself to the front gate. I finally saw a board with a word written on it. 

"Nowhere." I read the word out loud and furrowed my eyebrows. What nowhere?

 The board pointed to the left route. I decided to give a shot and followed the route. It became darker as I walked further. I'm getting goosebumps.

Then I saw a silhouette of someone. Yes, finally! A person!

I ran like mad when I saw the person's shadow. "Sir, do you know where am-" My mouth disobeyed my order to speak up the question that I'd been dying to ask. 

I widen my eyes and closed my mouth using my hands. There's no one here. Only a shadow.

My knees were getting weaker and I fell down on the floor; sitting. The shadow moved closer to me. A crystal like liquid fell onto my cheeks, followed with my silent sobbed. 

"Welcome to the world of nowhere." It says, "What's your name, milady?"

And that's when I realized that I forgot my own name. I shook my head and burst out in tears. I can't control myself now. I'm afraid.

"My, my. Stop crying and follow me."

I hugged myself. I don't like hearing its voice. It sounds so wicked. I opened my mouth to ask. "W-where?"

"To nowhere."

I felt myself almost lost my consciousness and my eyelids are getting heavier. "W-what?"

"To nowhere and never come back."

+ 12:34 AM