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missing soul.

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy new year, everyone.
Let's not forget the memories from 2015 and move forward-

New Year's resolution(s):
1. Study hard for spm
2. Care about my looks
3. Make everyone happy 
4. Stop causing troubles
5. Think first before anything else
6. Care more about my looks
7. Do care about diet too
8. Can I be taller?
9. Change my personality 
10. Make my parents proud
11. Stop my obsession over korean oppa(s) for a year eventhough it's impossible 
12. Study and homework and assignment
13. Do the best for mock interview
14. Be as active as possible
15. Be a good person
16. No disciplinary cases
17. Enjoy the year
18. Forgot all the past memories
19. Be happy
20. Do what I love

Yes, a big clap for me.
I did mention 'forgot all the past memories', it's just because I don't really like remembering my past. I hope I can woke up from my bed and forgot all those memories.

I've been into these korean thingy for 10 years, so a year without them won't hurt. Study comes first- I need to prove to everyone that I'm not your average-next-door-girl, I'm better (lmao). 

Mom told me to be a doctor. "We need  a doctor in our family." Something between the line. We don't know the future but I don't think I can handle on being a doctor, but I still need to have a good job; that's why I'm very motivated on studying. Software engineering is fine, same goes to forensic psychologist- but I need to think more so I won't regret later.

That's it.
I hope I can forgot the past. 

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