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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Enough with those fanfics, now it's showtime.

Nutella in a mug actually is so last year (is it?) but I still would like a post of it. I'd tried making lots of cake in a mug but hell, they were not very good. I mean it is, but once I found this nutella recipe, I swear it tasted like a cake...with hazelnut!

If you like a moist and chewy cake, then this is it! 

It supposed to be 'in a mug' but I used mini cupcake cups- I like sharing with others.

Let's move on to the recipe.

2 tbsp of self-raising flour (bluekey is my first choice)
2 tbsp of sugar
2 tbsp of cocoa powder
1 egg (B)

1 tbsp of olive oil (you may use vegetable oil or something that's oil)
1 tbsp of milk

1 tbsp of nutella (<3)

Yes, as simple like that.

1. Mix everything together. (dont over whisk it; you dont want your cake become chunky)
2. Bake for 2 minutes (depends on your oven- mine is 2 minutes and half)
3. Let it cool before eat it. (or you may taste eggy)
4 Serves it with whipping cream, chocolates, else.

Here is mine- mini cake (<3)

I didn't serve it with anything because I made this mini nutella cake to eat while making cheese tart. Yes, I have problems with pastry. Have fun eating because I had!

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