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missing soul.

hi, its Lin, and welcome to the blog of despair.


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Friday, January 15, 2016

Farewell to my new year resolutions, take care of yourself. (RIP)

16th of January, and I already miss home. :'))

Anyway, let's start-

1. Some call me lin or lilyn, usually the closer one.
2. 7th of August.
3. Mjsc student.
4. I would like to work as a software engineering but mom told me that engineer is for guys (and bcs she wants me to be a doctor) (and maybe bcs both of my brothers are in computer and technical thingy)
5. I changed it to forensic psychologist but I don't think they want a forensic psychologist here-
6. My plan b is to be a pilot- let's just wait for my spm's result.
7. I eat sweets things (need to control it now but I can't)
8. I don't eat spicy things (not an allergies)
9. I don't like studying, but I forced myself :")))
10. I can't look at blood.
11. I prefer to be alone, rather than having dramas with people(s).
12. I have two sisters and two brothers. 
13. I like coffee (cappucino/mocha) and tea (green tea/earl grey tea).
14. I'm not funny, but at least I'm humorous.
15. I once can't control my anger, but I can now- (maybe)
16. I like chocolates- but I don't accept chocolate bars as gift. I mean, seriously? Who gives chocolate bars as a gift? Chocolate cakes, choc pie, choc muffin, choc cookies is fine tho.
17. I don't drink ice blended drinks. 
18. I love iced coffee :'))
19. I, once, care for my friends more than anyone else. (long story, and im not going to make it short)
20. I watch bleach and nanoha- a normal anime fan.
21. I'm studying mandarin.
22. I'm doing blogger since 11. (so immatured)
23. My goals after spm is to finish the book that I bought during big bad wolf.
24. I write fanfics and novels. (i never finished my novel)
25. I'm not girly, but I'm not that boyish.
26. I think that I'm not pretty- (im not an attention whore or attention seeker pls be alert)
27. I don't like sunburn.
28. I did imagine myself with korean idols-
29. I'm not short, I'm average.
30. I once swallowed dozens of paracetamol bcs of stressed and now I have health problems. (long story, but im okay now)

Whew, so random.

(i dont have any recent pictures of mine)

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