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missing soul.

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Cast: Mingyu, Lin

"Is she here yet?" Wonwoo asked Mingyu who's wiping the counter. They're waiting for the girl that usually come and sit on the table beside the window; reading a book while drinking her earl grey tea.

"She'll be here around 3 o'clock."

Right after Mingyu said that, someone entered the cafe. The girl walked inside and went to the counter. Wonwoo, who's standing in front of the cashier, pushed by Mingyu. "May I take your order?"

She smiled and nodded. "Can I have..." Before she can said her order, Mingyu continued. "Earl grey tea? Sure."

The girl chuckled softly. She's always ordered the same thing, and it's like a habit for her to read her novel in this cafe. "Exactly." She replied and paid the order before sitting on his usual place.

Mingyu smiled and turned to Wonwoo. Wonwoo won't stop grinning at him, even after he pushed him to make the tea. "She's really your style."

"She's too perfect to be my style." Mingyu replied back while smiling widely. Wonwoo on the other side, cringed by the cheesiness of his bestfriend. "Whatever, I'm going."

As he finished making the tea, Mingyu quickly bought it to the girl who caught his attention since forever. "Your order."

The girl lifted her head up from her book, looking at her. "Oh, thank you." 

"May I sit here?"

Oh how stupid he is to ask question like that. Mingyu was about to slap himself until she speak up. "Sure, but you don't have any work?"

Mingyu shook his head. "No, I'm very free now. It's his turn." He pointed to Wonwoo before looking back at the girl infront of him. "What's your name?"

"Lin." She took a sip of the tea before telling her name, but she thought that her answer was too short so she continued. "I always come here. It's very peaceful here."

Mingyu nodded. "Yes, sometimes you're too into your books that you don't aware of your surroundings."

Lin laughed softly and closed her mouth using her palm. "Really? Well, Mingyu, that's very embarrassing."

Mingyu. She called his name.

"You know my name?" He asked, excited by the fact that she knew him. 

"Uhm, your nametag?"

Mingyu raised her left eyebrows and looked at his nametag. "Oh." He grinned and rubbed the back of his neck. "Can I take a look at your book?"


Lin gave the book to Mingyu and let he read anything he want. As Mingyu busied himself with reading the book, Lin looked around the cafe and saw a guy who's taking care of the counter. He pointed to Mingyu and make a love symbol. Lin chuckled and shook her head, disapproved.

About a moment later, Mingyu gave the book back. "It's quite interesting. But.."

"But?" Lin raised her left eyebrows. "But it's in English?"

Mingyu nodded and grinned widely. He can't really understand that language.

Lin took something out from her bag and gave it to Mingyu. "I just finished this book, and it's not very bad. Maybe you could read it once you're fluent in English?"

Mingyu held the book and read the title. 'You..and me?' The cover was in light blue and pink, which is really cute. "Thanks. I'll try my best." 

The girl in front of him looked at her watch. She quickly finished her tea before packing her things. Mingyu raised his left eyebrows. "Why? Is there something wrong?"

"I need to go." She said and grabbed her bag. "Nice to meet you, Mingyu."

"Nice to meet you too, Lin." He gave her the sincerest smile. Lin smiled back and stood up from her seat, walking to the door. 


Mingyu told her, making Lin paused her step and turned to her back. "Yes?"

He swallowed his saliva and took a deep breath. "Can we meet again?"

Lin smiled and nodded softly. "Sure, I would like to." She gave him a last bow and proceeded her walk to the outside. Mingyu grinned widely and ruffled his hair; feeling happy.

"Nice going man." Wonwoo patted his back and playfully punched his shoulder.

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