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missing soul.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Characters: Youngni, Yoobin, Jihyun


Youngni turned to her back as soon as she saw him on the corner of the shop. No way she would see him again, even though it's not a proper one. 

"Aish, where's Jihyun?" She groaned and sighed loudly. She decided to take another round around the shop, incase she can found Jihyun.

Her heartbeat quicken twice than usual once the guy she tried to avoid, was right there again in front of her. Yes. She needs, scratch that, she have to avoid him because if she meet him again, she would fall in love with him all over again and that's not right.

"Youngni, I'm here." Jihyun called her best friend from the front door and Youngni was more than glad once she found her. "Let's go." She mumbled and quickly left the place. 

Youngni kept herself quiet because her heart was still in the state of emergency- she really needs help. They're now inside the main hall of their college and they need to sit in group. "Count from 1 until 10, and that's your group."

Fudge. Jihyun left her with something that Youngni needed to avoid. And by something, she means someone.

All she can see is the floor. Counting the radius of the polka dot on the carpet, how do they make it and else. It was more interesting than talking in her group. "Youngni, how about you?"

She startled and smiled awkwardly. "I'm okay with that." She hoped that it's the right answer as she didn't even heard anything. Once they nodded at her answer, Youngni sighed in relief. She lifted her head up and saw the guy looking at her, and both of them were having a slight eye contact. Like a reflection from her involuntary muscles, her head turned away from him. Thank god, she managed to survive.

It's really sad when you're acting all tough but you're really fragile. "I'm going to toilet." He told the rest of the group. "Alright Yoobin."

Song Yoobin, he was her best friend 2 years ago. He was her everything, 2 years ago. No one needs to know anything except for the fact that they just ended their relationship, and that's it.

She saw her water bottle fell down but she didn't have any intention to pick it up again. 'What if he picked it up when he came here?' She dismissed the thought as that would be the last one she want.

After a moment, Yoobin came back and sat on his place. He looked at the bottle and stand it beside him. Youngni shouldn't be looking at that because her heart skipped a beat- ah how useless she is when it come to him.

Confused. Very confusing. But whatever the answer is, she still needed to avoid him. She can't fall in love with him...again.

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