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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Aye humanoids.

7.8.2016, hi. It's my birthday. I'm so happy that I ate samyang just now and still craving for more.
To be very honest, I really have a lot of things to say but, forgive me and my short term.

12:00 a.m, I printed the draft for my short story called 'Dendam'. I left my phone at my unit, and there's someone called me so my unitmate told me to answer it. It was my frienemies, can't believe he's the first one. Next is unit 14, our so called neighbour. And then my parents (for the first time they wished me using text message instead of whatsapp ha im so happy)

In the morning, no one did wish me. Not that I'm sad, well actually am, but maybe they have planned? During morning call, the bwp announced my dedication :")) "Happy birthday to Jazlin, Queen of Math" ha I heard Queen of Meth, masyaAllah. Right after they announced it, all of my block's member sang birthday song and made a circle with me inside. I tried to make a 'poker' face but ended up smiling. I really love it, I really am.

Then, I walk to my class and saw a sticky note on my table like oh my god what's that. It's from tiqah, my dearest girl who really tall and lovely but can't deny the fact that she's still tall. Anyway, she gave me a mission through the sticky notes, which I need to find another letter but using the clue on the sticky note found. I really like this kind of surprise, hahaha.

That's not the end! Thirah then came to me and handed me a bottle filled with colourful notes from our class, wing and my unit. My bottle broke last friday and I'm really glad to have a new one. Whew. There's like tons of letters in there.

I didn't go to lunch so I went to my class after amali haji at dsl. I opened my locker and saw a cadbury (<3). I raised it and saw another box inside my locker. It's another box full of letters from Rachael. The exciting part is I need to match eveything in order to read the letters. Well, I'll be doing it after our spmrsm sejarah paper 3.

That's it from me. I ended up eating samyang (that spicy ramyeon) because I want it for my birthday. I'd taste it before anyway so it's not that spicy anymore to me (ceh). Sorry for grammar, I didn't proofcheck nor care about it. Ya, too excited hehe. Kbyeilu

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