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missing soul.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017


"Over here!" My sister called me once she found her favourite milkshake booth. I nodded and went to her. I was kind of tired, so I just casually walked to her. To be very honest, there's no need for her to shout out loud as I could see her every thursday galaxy shirt from afar.

I looked at the menu but nothing catch my thirstiness. Is that even a word?

I looked at the mocha milkshake displayer and stared at it for a while to decide whether I want it or not. "Mocha? Your favourite?" I shook my head. I think I don't want any creamy drinks right now. "May I take your order?"

I lifted my head up to see a guy behind the counter smiling toward us. His black cap with the ghost emoji make him looked really adorable. "One chocolate chips milkshake." My sister ordered and pointed to the picture on the menu. He nodded and turned to me. "You, miss?"

"No, for her only."

He nodded at my reply, still smiling, and went to the back. You could say that he's around my age as he looked like the youngest among the other three workers there. I may be too focused on him as I thought about his fair toned skin- which made me stop my thought. Get a grip of yourself, Lin.

I looked around the site, finding my mom. We went here together, but she told me that she was going to buy our dinner since dad will be back from work. Once I found mom was at three booth away from us, I looked to my front.

And at the same time, he turned around to us. I almost, almost thought that he was fixing his gaze onto me but then I forgot about my sister beside me. Well, of course he's looking at her, duh.

I ignored my thought again and waited for my sister to pay for it. She gave the exact amount of money and he thanked her. "Come again."

I nodded at him, to be polite. Before I was about a step away from his booth, he called me. "Miss?"

I raised my right eyebrows in confusion. "Me?"

He chuckled. "Yeah, here." He gave me a mocha milkshake. I was startled at first, but I regained my consciousness within a second. "No, I didn't order it."

"Yes, but it's on me."

Since the other workers were looking at me, I took the milkshake so that at least they won't tease him for getting rejected. I could feel a paper around my hand, which I assumed as the cover. "Thank you." I pointed at the milkshake and smiled.

"You're pretty." He grinned, and then shook his head after. He looked a bit panic. "I mean, you're welcome." To make it less strange, he smiled sheepishly; showing two of his fangs which were really unique. I chuckled and followed my sister.

"He's pretty cute." She whispered to me and winked. I laughed awkwardly and took a sip of the drink. It was a bit sweet, but I really loved it. Damn, I'm pretty sure my face were red as hell at there.

Once mom finally bought our dinner, we went to the car. I entered the back seat and arranged all the plastic bags beside me. I reached out to the cup placer and put my mocha milkshake there.

The milkshake cover fell, so I took it. It was damp....but I think that there's something written there.

Mingyu, 010-xxxx xxxx
p/s: what's your name? :))

I chuckled lightly. That's really cute and adorable. Maybe I'll text him once I arrived home.

Author note: this fanfic kinda remind me that malay song lol dari matamu matamu ku mulai jatuh cinta agsddhklasdfghkl

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