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missing soul.

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Friday, February 10, 2017


(the only oneshot that i wrote about my non-bias and dedicated for someone else *coughs* han *coughs*)

"Hey kid." I rolled my eyes at the sound of the familiar voice. "What oldie?"

He gave a hearty chuckle before sitting next to me. I was playing with my phone by the time he took it from me. He usually did that so that I'll pay my attention to him, but I think most of the reason are because he wanted to annoy me. We're the only one at the same age anyway.

"What now?" I groaned.

"I'm bored."

"Yes me too, so let me play my ph-"

"What a lame wallpaper." He cut my words by pointing at my iKON's Junhoe wallpaper. How rude.

"It's not lame you-"

"Let's take a picture." He cut it again, but by making my heart flustered.

He made a gesture, and stood up first. I was clueless but still following him from behind.

"Hey, help me take a picture with Han."

All of our family start teasing us. I'm getting embarrassed.....really. "Come on, Han!"

I bit my lower lips as I glanced at him. He's smiling at the camera with his eyes closed, he looked super adorable. I chuckled and smiled at the camera too.

He took my phone back and go to the settings to change the wallpaper. I just let him do it while I stared at him. The lights from the window refracted onto his dark brown eyes, making him looked beyond reproach.

"Han? Han!" I jumped a bit from my seat and frowned at him. "What?" He chuckled softly. "No, it just you had been staring at me for a good 5 minutes." I blushed madly at his statement. I swear that my cheeks are as red as chilli pepper. "N-no, I was day dreaming..."

"About me?"

"Dream on."

He laughed and showed the new wallpaper. It was the picture where I looked at him and he smiled at the camera...I was caught at staring him!

"I like this picture." He smiled sweetly and gave a small bye before joining the other guys. I touched my chest and felt the heartbeat getting faster. Oh Eric, what had you done to me.

+ 9:45 PM