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missing soul.

hi, its Lin, and welcome to the blog of despair.


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Friday, February 10, 2017


I took a sip of my black coffee and scrolled the timeline of my twitter to look at any news that I don't know and already went viral. Great, as far as I seen, nothing about Blaq leaked on the media.

Blaq is the hardest criminal out there that we still can't catch. We, as in the secret agent. Yes, agents. I almost get him in my hand but then if I didn't let go of him, I might fell down off the building. Well, but then again, I shouldn't let go anyway because halfway of falling down, he managed to get into the building back and poof, he's gone.

He was really good in hiding. I'm tired of working alone to catch him, so I need a partner even though I didn't prefer working in team.

"Ace?" I turned around to the voices and saw a tall guy. Must be Seven. "Yes, have a seat." He was wearing a dark blue and a black skinny with sketchers, making him looked normal- and far from an agent.

Right after he sat infront of me, he suddenly burst out laughing. "Yah, what the hell?" I looked at my outfit; I was wearing a dirty pink blouse and white skinny. I fixed my hair and tighten the ponytail. Nothing weird though.

"I thought you're a guy! Duh, how can someone as pretty and soft like  you can be under the same company like mine? Seriously?" I frowned at this. Excuse you, Mr. Tall.


And he continued his laughters. "Yeah, yeah, that's why people said don't judge a book by its cover." I said as I rolled my eyes.

The waiter came to our table to take Seven's order. He ordered the same coffee as mine and thanked the waiter. At least this guy over here got manner. He looked around the cafe and I noticed that his eyes were light hazelnut. It compliments his black hair, I wonder whether he have or haven't dyed his hair before. Blue might suited him. I shook of the thought as it sounds weird. I better ask him something to avoid this. "So, why do you want to meet here?"

He raised his eyebrows, and I raised mine too because I was clueless. "Because I want we to get to know each other better of course. That's how we can work it out and be the best partner! Right, right?" He cheerfully explained it to me. Oh boy, I really hate being in a team.

"I'm not giving my personal information to anyone, if it wasn't that clear. How unprofessional of you, kid." I shook my head before continuing. "I thought this meeting was about sharing information about Blaq. That's why I'm here."

Seven chuckled softly and took a sip of his coffee that just being served by the waiter. "Calm down, Park Lin."

I widened my eyes at him as he called my name. "H-how?"

"Never underestimated me, cutie. Even your algorithm can't prevent hacker like me. I don't need to ask you about Blaq, it's already in here." He waved the black smartphone infront of me.

I was a bit startled by this act of him. "Kim Mingyu." He smirked as he heard my words. "Oh, if you knew my name, then not bad."

After I got the code name of my partner, I quickly finding his background by hacking our company's main computer. But I didn't remember reading that he's good in computer.

"But you didn't know I was a girl before?"

"Well, yeah, if I didn't act like that it might be awkward." He shrugged.

"Idiot, it already are, stupid."

"Woah calm down with the nickname, love."

I rolled my eyes and he laughed softly. He reached out his hand, smiling at me. I sighed and shook his hands, giving him a small smile. He grinned widely after that, showing off his fangs. Well, this better be good.

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